• When picking options at the start of the game, be sure to take as much land as you can, doing this will get you lots of wildlands and area to move into, and alot of space for hunters to hunt, providing quite a good source of food.
  • At start, reorganize your clan ring. Make sure your clan chief is worshipping your clan's main god, and has the highest leadership possible. Its more important to have 7 different gods in order to enhance your clan magic and give you the most bonuses, make sure you have 7 different gods, with the highest ability scores possible for animals, plants, etc, as they affect how well your clan manages them. Its best to have one Urald(herd magic), one Ernalda(herd magic), one war god worshipper(Elmal or Orlant usually) and one Issaries(Trade, very important). Get a trickster(Eurmal) if possible, since he lets you put more into hero questing and gives you options you otherwise would not have. Tricksters as clan leaders tend to be very rare though. You sometimes dont even get one at start.
  • Max out your trade routes ASAP. Send large caravans with your best bargainer to the clans which you are friendliest with(denoted by purple text, avoid text in red) to establish trade routes. Get a shrine to Issaries up, learn at least one of the trade blessings. Goods are a very important resource, but also very easy to get once you get trade routes going. Check your crafters, see if you have enough, allocate more points from plain to fancy, prioritize the rare resource types(amulets, ivory, etc) that you can get from exploring your tula.
  • Listen to what your advisers have to say, they sometimes give you important info, but sometimes they are useless and give stupid advice. Use your own judgement.
  • Sea, Fire and Earth are all good seasons to explore, send emissaries and send trading missions(assuming you keep the number of footmen as low as possible). Dont raid during Sea/Earth unless you have no choice, because you will hurt your harvest. Dont go outside your Tula during Dark, you are likely to get lost or run into snow-slides. Fighting Valind during the great darkness will let you raid more during Dark season and you get +1 clan magic if you succeed, but you are also likely to fail(snow-slides, avalanches, etc). Raid during Fire/Storm seasons.
  • Explore at least once a year to keep banditry down. Explore your tula ASAP.
  • Try not to expand too rapidly to fill in land. Gaining 100-150 population a year will keep your clan healthy but any more than that will cause an influx of children and your military, food reserves, and clan mood will suffer. The better your clan mood, the more immigrants come with less coercion. A clan in high mood can usually get 100-150 people (including children) by inviting from nearby clans, any clans, and distant relatives and only offering land. A despairing mood will net you 1-7 people by offering land and cattle.
  • You need both bulls and carls to farm your land. Cottars, children, thanes, and thralls(?) will not be counted towards your farm hands. Not all cattle are bulls, most are milking cows or calves that can not help with the harvest. Utilizing the Plowsong blessing from Barntar will requite 2/3rds the number of bulls as normal. Failing to have enough of either will mean farm land is not being utilized and is decreasing the mood of the clan and the peasants. It is better to decrease the amount of farmland assigned than to let some of it go unused due to too few cattle or carls.
  • The more land you have assigned to wilderness instead of pasture and farmland, the easier it is for enemies to raid your cattle but without wilderness, hunters will bring home no food and swine will starve.
  • It is often best to accumulate large numbers of thralls and allow them to join the clan after an event makes them feel positively towards you. They will not sour the mood of the clan, bring no children, and this eliminates the fear of a successful enemy raid from freeing them.
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